Said Fantasy

Plastiq Musiq Signs Said Fantasy

October 6, 2013

Long in the making, Ronnie Martin's full-lenth album as Said Fantasy is now nearly complete. Ronnie has been making innovative electronic music for over two decades as Joy Electric, but Said Fantasy finds Martin taking a darker, more somber turn. His approach to electronic music production has become exceedingly refined over the years, turing his back on anything other than analog synthesizers in the mid 90's and since then he's taken this approach to it's logical extreme — back to the dawn of synthesized sound.

Every note is programmed on an analog sequencer which is triggered by 4th, 8th and 16th note pulses. No MIDI, no Din Sync, just pulses on tape. His sound has been described as “the inside of one hundred clocks.”, it's inexplicably minimal and complex. With only synthesizers and spring reverb to generate sound Martin achieves a harsh beauty not heard in modern recordings.

We're excited as Ronnie reveals his vision for the album and the new direction of his music. To hear for yourself, check out our new compilations series, New Music Horizons, latter this month. And we couldn't be more pleased to bring you Ronnie's latest masterpiece early next year.