Introducing the New Plastiq Musiq

September 16, 2013

When I was a kid I used to lie on the hill behind my house at night and listen to my favorite Plastiq Musiq albums. I'd watch cars drive past below as those perfectly-sequenced notes from Your Car by Travelogue danced up and down the scales. I imagined how thrilling it would be to make electronic recordings of my own, but I had no idea then of the life-long commitment that would be required in the pursuit of those sounds. That was the same summer I got my first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 6. My brother and I stayed up every night in our tree house creating new sounds on it, with an extra long extension cord snaked out of our garage.

Now sometimes when I feel discouraged I think back to those simpler times. I try to remember what it was about music that interested me in the first place; the rush of excitement that came the first time I heard all those clockwork sequences interlocking, those shimmery synthesizers flickering up on the edge of the audible spectrum, and the warm, elastic basslines creating the perfect foundation for it all. I think of Ronnie Martin saying "I like music that sounds like magic". Yeah, That's what I like—music that sounds like magic.

We're hoping to pour a little bit of new life into Plastiq Musiq. Things may have slowed down, but the spirit of the label never died! We're still excited about those sounds that came floating out of the treehouse on the Juno 6. That excitement will always run in our blood, and we'd like to think we're not alone. We know there is something special in the sound of an analog synthesizer, we hope you remember that sound too. Look here, the old gang is back together again! And we'll always be here as long as there are others, like us, who dream of creating something boundless, pure, defined and perfect.

Electronically Yours,
David & Jacob