Travelogue live video compilation

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Travelogue live video compilation

Postby nordic fox » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:08 am

Just saw this posted on Jon's blog, apparently I haven't checked in for awhile :oops: It was posted back in May.

Haven't made it to a Travelogue show in a few years. Partly because it seems like there have been less of them (no Joy E. shows or Autobahn anymore) or I just don't hear of them in time, but also because I moved to Indiana (not terribly far away, but life/responsibilities has made getting to shows more difficult these days).

Anyway, for others who haven't been able to see Jon play live for awhile - and also missed his post, this will be a treat. Some pre-Travelogue stuff, and of course various unusual and unique contraptions on stage. Really hope I can make it next time he's playing a show...but in the's the link:

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