New 2024 Album

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New 2024 Album

Postby raybobindustries » Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:19 pm

When asked as to whether Ronnie will release another non-Christmas album, he responded with "2024" ... 80708?s=20

I'm curious to see if it will be what he once teased on the Blue Collar Love podcast back in Feb 2022:
I have plans for 3 more solo albums that have already been written that are sort of in line with [From the Womb of the Morning] that was just released. So I do have some work left in the tank for completing my solo vision here. That is going to take me a few years to do… They're thematic in the sense that I have been very influenced by what’s called ‘Wisdom Literature’ from scripture - so books like the Psalms and Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. So I’m really drawing a lot of inspiration and content from those books. This was the first album in a series of 4 albums that are really going to concentrate on taking concepts from the wisdom literature of the Bible but doing them in the abstract. ‘From the Womb of the Morning’ was my first attempt at that… I’m just really taken in by the poetry and beauty of those books - and the truth. I'm going to take conceptually some of the poetic elements and create more of an abstract out of them… The first album kind of jumps all over a little bit. The next record will come out of the Psalms, exclusively. So that’s my focus for the next record. And then the record after that is very similar – it comes out of various portions of Wisdom literature.
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Re: New 2024 Album

Postby benjamin » Sun Jul 07, 2024 11:37 pm

I would be happy with any new album, Christmas or not! Thank you for sharing this!!!

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