From the Womb of the Morning, the Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours

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From the Womb of the Morning, the Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours

Postby raybobindustries » Tue Feb 01, 2022 11:52 pm

Are you enjoying the new Ronnie Martin album? Feel free to share your thoughts!
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Re: From the Womb of the Morning, the Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours

Postby raybobindustries » Thu Feb 03, 2022 11:57 pm


Stylistically, I really enjoy the approach Ronnie took with this album. It almost feels like a “best-of” blend of various Joy Electric eras. Back in the blogging days, I recall Ronnie wanting a new album to sound royal/majestic, and it’s exciting to see that truly materialize here. It also feels like the true realization of the original Said Fantasy demos (as heard here) before that project was converted to extreme minimalism for its actual release.

The production quality on this is top notch, which is something I felt was a bit lacking on Dwarf Mountain Alphabet, and I’m glad he went all the way when it comes to polishing his vocals and strengthening the mix. There is a lot happening on every track, and the attention to detail really helps this album to sing properly. Although this 7-song album is a bit on the short side, each one is rich with instrumentation, layered vocals, and extensive intros/outros.

Overall, I love the direction this album took, and the quality of production stands on par with the likes of Robot Rock or Ministry of Archers, making it one of the more accessible albums since Favorites At Play.

Also, shout out to Nathan Schroeder for reprising his role of complimenting this album with a beautiful art direction.

Sing Among the Branches

Probably my favorite song of the album, and feels like reliving the title track from The Tick Tock Treasury all over again. Simply magical. It captures everything I have loved about Ronnie’s work, and synthesizes it together in a way that the art aesthetic perfectly compliments.

Reminds me of:
“The Tick Tock Treasury”
“The Romantic Balloons”

From the Womb of the Morning…

A wonderfully unusual drum pattern and vocal style that harkens back to a more punk rock era of Hello Mannequin. I think this could have benefited from having 2 verses instead of 3, as it gets a little too repetitive by the end. But it’s a song firing on all cylinders, and for that I’m thankful.

Reminds me of:
“Song For All Time”

Snow Like Wool

Melodically and lyrically, I enjoy singing along with this one the most. It’s simple, memorable, atmospheric, flows great, and has a wonderfully haunting synth solo for the bridge. I can’t help but feel like this song is what would happen if The Killers made a synth song about Christmas or something… Makes for a great single, and I’m glad they did just that.

Reminds me of:
“The Magic Of”

The Daughters of Song Are Brought Low

I love the range on this song, from a dreamy introduction to a violent drum solo finale (something I never thought I’d hear from Ronnie in my lifetime). Whether this level of drums was a good decision or not, it’s fun to see some brand new risks are being taken.

For What Vanity

Something about this track just doesn’t land as well for me, but it still feels like a typical, solid JE song. As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy to keep receiving more of these. Nice to hear Ronnie’s choice to really push his vocals on this one.

Reminds me of:
“The Brothers Martin”
“Dwarf Mountain Alphabet”

There Go the Ships, and Leviathan

Farmhouse Fables, is that you again? How refreshing it is to hear a newer song switching up between being a dark, minor brood and a joyfully woeful anthem? Love this one a lot. Very unique, and the album format suits the way it sounds perfectly.

Reminds me of:
“Blueberry Boats (and pink elephants)”
“Farmhouse Fables”

Then Shall Your Light Break Forth Like the Dawn

A punchy, joyful anthem with a ton of warmth. A great way to end the album. All in all, keep up the good work, Ronnie! I love your unique musical creativity!


As a bonus, here’s some fun similarities I noticed…

Sing Among the Branches (verse melody):
“Moss – paired with ivory colored frost – All of winter made us long”

Montgolfier and the Romantic Balloons (verse melody):
“We – left our things on the ground – cheered by the voice of the crowd”


From the Womb of the Morning… (verse melody):
“Through the wind a frail voice beckons to carry us – You extend a silver hand to me, blue and forlorn”

The Phonograph Plays, Part and Parcel (bridge melody):
“Ever turning all our worries and our troubles – You look over, what you see is innocent”


From the Womb of the Morning… (chorus chords):
“From the womb of the morning – the dew of your youth will be yours”

Have I (chorus chords):
“If you reach in me – have I not joy to give to you?”


Then Shall Your Light Break Forth Like the Dawn (chorus):
“Then shall your light – break forth like the dawn”

The Romantic Balloons (chorus):
“And bring to you – the romantic balloons”

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Re: From the Womb of the Morning, the Dew of Your Youth Will Be Yours

Postby Hokusman » Sat Feb 19, 2022 7:26 pm

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what in the Ronnie Martin canon the new album sounds most like. Because it is very reminiscent of his past work in a way that’s much more engaging for me than the minimalist Said Fantasy. After a few listens I feel like I'm getting Foxglove Hunt vibes from the instrumentation and I feel like the vocals are reminding me of the rerecorded tracks from Art and Craft of Popular Music. I love the album even though it is only 7 songs

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