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Rainbow Rider / Said Fantasy trade request

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:32 am
by arciphera
salutations, all. a few of you might remember me from the old JE message board which is no longer with us. I posted there only once (sometime in 2006 or 2007), but it was a long, in-depth post which resulted in some rather significant ripples in my life throughout the subsequent several years.

but I won't get into that here. the main reasons I am posting now are [1] to lament the inclusion of my name on the list of those who missed the opportunity to obtain a CD copy of Chorus Noel before it sold out (thanks to a combination of Plastiq Musiq not having a mailing list and me forgetting to check their website periodically for new releases), and [2] to inquire if any members of this board who DID get a copy of that CD would be willing to trade it for another Ronnie Martin rarity. so, just in case the answer to #2 is yes...let me see...

*rummages through personal collection and finds one of these*

that's it. that's all I've got.

to be honest, I don't even know exactly how rare that thing is, nor how valuable it might be to other collectors of Ronnie's work (Discog's median-price listing notwithstanding). however, I can say that my copy is in absolute-mint condition (save for two very slight and almost invisible creases in the cardboard slipcover caused by the curvature of the vinyl), has never been played, and is personally signed by Ronnie and Jeff (on the back of the slipcover). it comes in a transparent plastic sleeve, as well, which (along with the slipcover) has yet to begin yellowing from age.

so yeah, anyone want to swap? feel free to ask any questions here and/or hit me up via PM. I have not yet taken pictures of my copy of the 7", but I will gladly do so upon request.

and now let the trading war begin. *crosses fingers but doesn't hold breath*

Re: Rainbow Rider / Said Fantasy trade request

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:26 am
by arciphera

I have finally obtained a copy of Chorus Noel (thanks again, David!), so the above-mentioned trading war is now concluded. or perhaps I should say it has been aborted, since it technically never actually began. I acquired what I was after so, whatever the case, my mission was successful.