Chariot of God Lyrics?

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Chariot of God Lyrics?

Postby raybobindustries » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:43 am

Here's my take on what I'm hearing... any other confirmation?

Horse of Faded Grandeur

Having you be here
For tonight, it feels like death in here
Searching without light
What you said is someone bound by fear

Raise your eyes
Put your hands in my hands
You'll always be a horse of faded grandeur

Ice Blankets the Landscape

Shut us down, the glass separates us now
Pointy walls constructed as we grew up, ah

Winter forms a blizzard around us
I plead with you while death looks behind us
Cold has cut the breath from our brittle mouths
You cast a light on the fate of us all

Ice blankets the landscape
Frozen darts pierce our hearts

Our hearts will melt together

When Roman Columns Fell

She's standing with me
I move intently
She's still within my grasp
I'm reaching down
Foes start increasing
I start to falter
She turns her face as I fall back

I collapsed from the weight
Like when Roman columns fell
I now share their fate

Her Solitary Migration

A light reflection being
A feeble mark of your former self
The hands of clocks ticking
But time prepared you for no such hour

Though you drown in emptiness
I can't help with none of this

Creatures of All Tongues

Horses rush as fleeting prey
Before the hours of dawn
Ice collects in brittle veins
Upon the mountain lofts

Creatures of all tongues sing in adoration
Voices from the earth raised in adoration
Creatures of all tongues

Hissing songs of fierce decay
A choir mends its loss
Notes form out of snow and flake
The winter binds us all

The Hours Unfolding

Years of holding
Hours unfolding
I sense from you
In silence you'd been coping

What once was home
Of words not anyone ever was told
If you would just waited for home

Chariot of God *Confirmed

This is indistinct
Vagaries and vanished scenes
Death of fleeting leaves
The evening frost unseats

Hollow veins of earth
Bells are struck, swans each unsure
My enveloped dream
Lies dormant within reach
The bleak vanities

Hearts invoke the everlasting song
Multitudes, the Chariot of God

Forests of aged distress
Moments lapse, unwelcome sense
Some forgotten breed
Those aimless wandering

Oft forgotten tongues
Hear Oh Hear the Sweet Alarm!
Bitter light once shed
God's love, not Satan's dread
Will give us our rest

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