Plastiq Musiq is a boutique record label specializing in melodic electronic music made primarily with voltage controlled synthesizers.

We've been around for twenty years now and we're still trying to catch lighting in a bottle. Sometimes we flicker in and out of existence, but we always come back, usually with the Christmas snow.
Coming this December and beyond

The September Equation is back after fourteen years! This time the glitchy computers have been traded in for analog circuitry. Frail Formations from The September Equation available now.

• A Said Fantasy Christmas EP. From the ghost of Christmas past, Ronnie Martin. Coming mid-December.

• A new Cascading Slopes album called Metal Time. 2018

Nikmis' Plastiq Musiq debut. Densely sequence arrangements, an electronic chamber orchestra not for the faint of heart. 2018

• In A Wooden Shoe. PQMQ. Workshop's followup to the acclaimed Birds of North America album. Synthesizers and wood blocks.

Plastiq Musiq Est. 1997 by Ronnie Martin. Now conducted by David Barnhart & Jacob Graham.

1208 W. Giles Road
Muskegon, MI